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Aloes come in all sizes, colors, and growing habitats. Everything from trees 3m high to sprawling growth. Most aloes come from the southern part of Africa, Madagascar, and other semi-tropical areas. Here are a few aloes in my collection: Enjoy

Aloe marlothii.jpg (228451 bytes)

Aloe marlothii

Aloe fleurentinorum.jpg (262479 bytes)

Aloe fleurentinorum

Aloe conifera.jpg (231903 bytes)

Aloe conifera

Aloe rauhii X Dorian Black.jpg (171674 bytes)

Aloe rauhii X Dorian Black (D)

Aloe suprafoliata.jpg (239942 bytes)

Aloe suprafoliata


** rooted cuttings (RC), divisions (D), or seedlings (S) of this plant are available for sale, for more info click here.